14 May 2013

Ice Cream Free Ice Cream Products - Cornetto, Magnum & Mini Milk (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

In Britain we are never guaranteed a good summer. In fact I’m struggling to remember when the last one was! This puts ice cream companies in a bit of an awkward position as everyone knows ice lollies sell better when it’s hot. Unilever (who seem to manage some of our bigger ice cream brands) have allowed their ice creams to be turned into chocolate treats so they can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Seems quite sensible given the climate, but on the other hand it may be missing the point. When I spotted them in Tesco (by the tills) I decided to pick them up and give them the taste test.

Magnum – 3 Chocolates
I decided to try the Magnum first, and found that there were three Magnum chocolates inside the wrapper. Although obviously a lot smaller than a Magnum ice cream they did have the right shape. The chocolate was quite thick, and had a rich taste which was pleasant but certainly not the best chocolate I’ve ever tried. It was the filling that made them though. The fluffy vanilla creamy centre worked like a dream. It was smooth silky and had such an indulgent creamy taste that all thoughts about the quality of the chocolate coating where forgotten, it made them pure yum.

In terms of cuteness or novelty out of three products this one wins the award. It looks just like a miniature Cornetto and even opens in the same way. I.e. you unwrap the sides and have a cardboard circle protecting the top.
The filling in this seemed to be remarkably similar to the filling in the Magnum chocolates, it had the same fluffy texture and ultra creamy vanilla taste, and was absolutely gorgeous! The wafer is crunchy and pleasant and lined with chocolate which is a nice extra touch, as are the nuts on top. Both in terms of taste and novelty this ticked both boxes.

Mini Milk
This last bar was the one I felt was not quite true to it original ice cream form. The ice lolly is creamy and this is more on the side of sweet. There is a good thick chocolate coating, underneath which there is a smooth soft chocolate filling. The chocolate is good, and the filling is enjoyable, there is plenty of chocolate flavour but quite a bit of sugariness too. I liked it, but it seems less sophisticated than the other two products and not quite similar enough to the original ice lolly.

I actually enjoyed all the new products, and would certainly pick up any of them again. Yes they are a novelty, but they were still rather nice. It has to be said though; only in the UK would you get ice cream free ice creams! Oh come on British summer – please make your presence known and prove these companies wrong!
By Cinabar

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