28 May 2013

Snickers Shake [By @cinabar]

One of my favourite food combinations in the world is peanut (or peanut butter) and chocolate. So when I found out about the new Snickers Shake, Spectre stood aside and let me try this one out. He drinks more milkshakes than me, but Snickers is more my territory.
I gave the bottle a good shake before taking my first sip. This milkshake is of quite a thin consistency, thicker than milk, but still thin enough to be enjoyed through the sports cap that comes with it. The predominant flavour is peanut, sweetened peanut at that, but mainly peanut. There is a chocolaty aftertaste, and the flavour develops into a creamy cocoa flavour towards the end of each sip. The result of a chocolate and peanut shakes is remarkably nice, and I pretty much hogged the whole bottle to myself. Spectre was allowed the odd sip, but this really is more my kind of thing!
The back of the bottle describes the product as “peanut and chocolate milk drink” and this description is spot on. The peanut is the main flavour, not the chocolate and that’s the part where it seems to not be quite on the same wavelength of an actual Snickers. For me the bar has the chocolate as the main flavour, followed by the peanut and some very distinct sweet flavours of caramel and nougat that don’t seem to develop in this drink.
I don’t want to be negative though, I loved every sip of it. It’s something I’ll buy again and would love to have as a treat on a hot day. However I know there are some Snickers aficionados who read this blog who would note that the formula doesn’t quite match the bar flavour. Seriously though if you have a place in your heart for peanut and chocolate this drink will make you smile.
By Cinabar

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