5 May 2013

One Earth Shop - Digbeth, Birmingham - Doves Farm Rice Bars [by @NLi10]

The other day I was exploring around by our favourite cyber cafe and remembered about the veggie cafe round the corner.  This appeared to have closed for the day, but next to it was a small shop I'd never really spotted before called the One Earth Shop.  This is my favourite kind of place as it sells small things that you don't tend to see on the high street.  

Naturally I took home a small haul, the highlights of which are below!  I also had a small, lovely muffin that I ate before I took a picture.  What a shame - have to go back to review those...

Couscous is couscous. The jar is Pesto which will be tried shortly.  The crisps may be eaten today.  What we did get around to was the Doves Farm Crispy Chocolate & Rice bars.

We took these to see Iron Man 3 at the IMAX.  They didn't make it to the end of the film, but they enjoyed the bits they saw.  They are like a super-deluxe version of the Rice-Crispy Squares that are frequently advertised in amusing ways.  These however are not sickly sweet and are really much nicer. I think that it's a more grown-up take on the whole idea.  As I got 5 in the box they may come out for a walk today too.  They are great for just sticking in a pocket as they can't melt and crushing them really doesn't matter.

I'm sure I'll make it back to the shop on the rare occasion I'm just around the corner and it's still open.  Maybe you have a little local shop you've never noticed (this one has been there since 1990!) that is full of treasures but you've never been in too.

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