24 May 2013

Mentos – Strawberry Mix (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

This new variety of Mentos is a strawberry special, with three different strawberry flavours in the pack: sweet, original and sour. Mentos are a hard sweet that turn chewy as you eat them. As Mentos are often on offer in our work shop at two packs for £1 (like these) I do usually have some sitting on my desk.
With this new set I couldn’t quite tell from the shells which sweet was which, so I hopped right in going for the palest coloured one first.

Very Pale Pink (Sweet?)
This particular sweet did taste quite mild, certainly of strawberries, but it was a very sweet pleasant taste. It reminded me of a mild version of strawberry laces. I liked this sweet, but had my fingers crossed it wasn’t supposed to be the sour version!

Medium Pink (Original?)
As a regular consumer of Mentos Fruits, this sweet was very familiar to me, and as such it was definitely the original variety. It was juicy and fruity, and had a good strong strawberry taste. I buy the regular edition as I like the selection and the usual strawberry from that set is one of my favourites.

Dark Pink (Sour?)
Well my previous guesses of flavour must have been correct as this one was the sour one in the bunch! The flavour was zingy and sharp and very tasty. It wasn’t as sour as some of the fizzy coated sweets you can buy, but it still delivered a good strong sharp strawberry hit. It was the most refreshing in the pack, and quickly became my favourite!

The sweets are different enough to provide some variety, without steeping away from the strawberry base flavours. Strawberry is the flavour of summer so I can see why these are the summer edition. If your favourite Mentos are the pink ones, you really should check these out!
By Cinabar

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