25 May 2013

Innocent Tropical Juice (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I’m definitely hoping for a hot summer this year and I’ve been routing around for some summery sounding meals and drinks. Recently I reviewed the Innocent Caribbean Veg Pot: Caribbean Jerk Curry flavour. If only I’d have noticed this 900ml bottle of Innocent Tropical Juice in the same store. It sounded absolutely perfect to wash the spicy vegetable Jerk Curry down. This Tropical Juice drink had 43 calories per 100ml, with 8.1g of sugar and 0.1g of fat. With a mix of four pressed apples, four squeezed oranges, and a slice of pressed pineapple, a lump of crushed mango and a third of a pressed passion fruit there was one portion of the daily dose of fruit in every 150ml. This was a seriously fruity good for you pasteurised juice drink that whisked me away to a desert island somewhere watching the sunset on a beech lounger, with a spicy barbeque smoking in the background, an umbrella in my drink and Cinabar for company. I loved the random photograph of a goat stuck up a tree on the bottle to avoid some fluff about how good the drink was. The proof was definitely in the drinking. Let’s face it once I’d started to drink this invigorating Tropical Juice drink, it was difficult to stop. There was a hint of mango to start with, then a heavy tang of passion fruit, followed by pineapple and orange. This moreish juice drink was perfect for refreshing me against the spring sunshine outside as I was working in the garden thinking of that far off tropical beach somewhere whilst I planted the seeding potatoes!
By Spectre

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