31 May 2013

Pipers Crisp Co – Chorizo Flavour (@TebayServices @Piperscrisps)

We have recently come back from one of our road trips, and as always made sure we stopped at the fabulous Tebay Services on the way back. It’s a lovely place, smart, homely, has views of the countryside and is complete with its own food hall. Amongst the goodies we picked up were these crisps from Pipers, in a flavour we haven’t seen before. In fact I couldn’t ever remember trying Chorizo crisps before, until Spectre reminded me that I had tried some from Boots!
The aroma from the bag was rich and impressive. Before trying you could tell that these crisps would be super tasty and full of flavour. The crisps were the usually excellent quality too, the potato was cut just right, not too thick but enough to deliver a decent crunch. They weren’t greasy crisps, just nicely seasoned. The spices just work so well, there is a fair amount of chilli heat which is lovely, followed by a barbecue taste, garlic, paprika, onion, pork and lots of other herbs and spices all packed in and making a very believable Chorizo taste. It even has that telltale slightly bitter edge like the sausage, which was particularly impressive. It’s so refreshing to find a proper hot taste with these crisps too, as so many spicy flavoured crisps just don’t deliver. They were an absolute pleasure to eat! It’s a bit of a drive to get some more, but I’ll certainly pick some up next time I see them. :-)
By Cinabar

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