3 May 2013

McCoys – New Jacket Potato Crisps – Melted Cheese & Bacon (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

This is the second bag I’ve tried from the new Jacket Potato range from McCoy’s, the first being the Chilli Con Carne. It strikes me that cheese and bacon isn’t a jacket potato topping I’ve ever actually tried. I’ve had beans and cheese, tuna and cheese and a multitude of others with cheese, but not bacon. I guess it just seems a bit odd putting a rasher on top of the jacket potato? Or are you supped to dice it and then mix it with cheese? Don’t get me wrong, if a cheese and bacon sandwich is on offer consider me in! Oh well – I’ got stuck into the crisps anyway.
There isn’t much aroma to the crisps, just a slightly salty smell. The flavour on the other hand, is much more impressive. The thick cut ridged crisps, have loads of seasoning, and when you tuck in you can really tell! The seasoning is distributed unevenly, but that’s okay as the mix of flavours actually works in its favour. On one side some of the crisps have a strong salty meaty bacon taste and other have a musty strong cheddar cheese flavour. A lot are a mix though, and the two tastes do work wonderfully together and make an excellent moreish bag of crisps.
McCoys just know what they are doing! I can’t wait to try the sour cream and jalapeno, which is the only flavour in the new range I haven’t yet tried.
By Cinabar

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