4 May 2013

Mini Babybel Goat’s Variety (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I have a pretty healthy lunch at work. I always take a packed lunch with me, which I may have mentioned before (many moons ago) consists of a banana, an apple, a bag of crisps, a tomato, a yoghurt, and a meaty sandwich filled with either ham, beef or chicken slices. I also like a small piece of cheese in my lunchbox. Amongst the variety of different mini cheeses I eat I’ve always been partial to Babybel. Cinabar picked up these Goat’s Variety Babybel in the local supermarket for me to try. She knows I like Goat’s cheese and I knew that these would be pretty safe in the fridge as no one else in the house likes it. There were six cheeses in the pack at 20g each. The ingredients had no colours or artificial flavours and included; cheese from cow’s milk, fresh goat cheese (10%), water, natural flavouring and the preservative: potassium sorbate. At 65 calories per Babybel, with 5.4g of fat and only traces of sugar and made from pasteurised milk, these Babybels sounded pretty healthy. I unwrapped the packaging to find a green outer shell instead of the usual bright red one. The cheese had a mild goat cheese smell with a mild goat cheese flavour. I enjoyed the Goat’s Variety Babybel and found it flavoursome, but certainly not overpowering. Having said that this cheese had the aftertaste of goat cheese, and like any strong cheese it makes your mouth smack for a short time in a kind of sweaty old leather boot way. I wouldn’t recommend any close quarters business meetings at work after lunching on this cheese, and don’t expect a kiss from the secretary either or one from your partner if they pop into work mid afternoon to try and catch you!
By Spectre

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