17 January 2017

Apple and Blackberry Clusters (Boots) By @Cinabar

I’m still playing ball with this January is healthy thing and have accidentally fallen into the trap of lower calories products. Oh for the new releases of Easter chocolate, my sweet tooth cannot wait!
In the meantime I picked up these. Apple and Blackberry Clusters from Boots, in the hope that something sweet might be tasty and yet ultimately fruit based.

The clusters are balls of some sort of cereal based fruit snack. I got distracted by the texture far more than I should have, but they are just so odd. Not interesting and varied, I mean odd. They feel like they have been freeze dried, but aren’t quite crisp enough, but they are hard too. Then when you bite in you get this unpleasant crunch that goes soft and sticky really quickly. I couldn’t get passed this, I did not like the texture at all. The fruit flavours were nice, they were natural tasting and there was plenty of zingy blackcurrant. The apple softens the taste, and if it were just for the flavours I would have enjoyed them. The texture lost me, and it had me wishing I had a select few pieces of fruit to munch on instead. Or a Mars bar… I’m not good at this healthy January lark.

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