30 January 2017

Butterscotch Brulée Latte (Starbucks) By @Cinabar

On such a wet day I fancied trying out the new drink in Starbucks, the Butterscotch Brulée Latte to warm me up. I have a very sweet tooth, and thought this was going to hit the spot. It promised Butterscotch and sugary goodness. The drink consists of an espresso topped up with hot steamed milk and butterscotch sauce. There are a brulée sprinkles on top too. The brulée sprinkles weren't particularly generous on my drink (as you can see), and I couldn’t really pick up on the flavour of them at all unfortunately. They are not designed to be served on cream, the picture on the Starbuck's menu board showed it straight on top of the coffee, but I think cream would have helped stop the sprinkles disappearing into the coffee and it would have made them a bit more prominent.
The flavour of the drink was distinctly mild, there wasn’t a big sugar rush; the butterscotch taste was mild and added just a nice bit of sweetness. I found it tasted similar to a coffee with brown sugar in it, rather than a special treat for a cold wet day.
It was a smooth drink, with a (unanticipated) gentle hit of sweetness. Over all it was very pleasant. My sweet tooth wasn’t overwhelmed or over excited though, but I still enjoyed my coffee. Lucky I had my marshmallows on a stick to add the sweetness. I wonder if it had been made by a different barista there would have been more generous sauce and sprinkles, I do worry about the consistency in some of the drinks. I had one Pumpkin Spice Latte in the same branch that was so overpowering it was almost undrinkable.

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Unknown said...

Ah I'm so glad you've reviewed this. I had one when it first came out and was disappointed by its total lack of butterscotch flavour! It was only at the very bottom that I got a whiff of the 'werthers' flavour, I envisaged and was left wondering if I had just been served a dud. I'm guessing not now! Haha. Xx