2 January 2017

Parsnip, Pecan and Maple Cake (House of Fraser) By @Cinabar

Sometimes we are out and about looking for items for Foodstuff Finds, other times they catch us when we are not expecting them. We had just popped into the cafe at House of Fraser for a coffee, and ended up having a slice of their bizarre sounding cake. Parsnip, Pecan and Maple Cake sounded just too interesting to pass up. When I took it over to the till the lady told me they had tried to make a Brussel sprout cake too, but that it hadn’t been a success. Pretty glad I missed that one!
The Parsnip, Pecan and Maple cake is layered with a cream cheese filling, and is drizzled with maple syrup. It has a fairly dark sponge, but it is very moist and has a gentle flavour. I could not tell from the cake itself that it contained any parsnips, I would have guessed that it was carrot cake. The flavour is sweet, and had lovely hints of the winter spices, nutmeg and cinnamon. The nuts were plentiful, and added a good texture, without being too hard or crunchy. I adore the spiced flavour so enjoyed every morsel of cake on my plate. I soon forgot that it was supposed to contain parsnips and just enjoyed it for was it was, a spiced sweet cake with the flavour of nuts and maple syrup. Pure yum.
Who would have thought baking with parsnips could go so well. I guess it is one way to use up your Christmas left overs! Last thought then, does this count as one of my five a day…? :-D


Unknown said...

You might find this interesting, I saw it years ago (I think) in the magazine!


cinabar said...

Oh thats fab - I think I'm going to have an experiment and see if anyone notices! :-D