12 January 2017

Jelly Belly Pancakes And Maple Syrup (by @NLi10)

As part of a gift package from my parents of import foods I was given these Jelly Belly ( G lie Bee Lie) Pancakes and Maple Syrup flavoured beans.

After the amount of horrible, awkward flavours I'd eaten over New Years I figured that this couldn't offend my senses too much. And mostly I was right!

As usual you get a decent amount of beans in the bag, but contrary to my personal tastes they are all the same kind. The smell is pretty intense and it's kind of like spilling maple syrup on the counter, only sweeter and more offensive. Jelly Belly are the kings of the flavoured beans and they know that the smell is most of the appeal, but my goodness this is a strong one (and the reason I delayed opening).

As for the taste - it's more like what you'd expect - mostly maple syrup. I'm not sure how they would capture pancake without topping, but it's not detectable here. And they are edible. Not wow let's have more compulsive, but you can eat a few. And most people will try one too, but few have more than about three.

The Jelly Bean mascot seems fairly pleased with himself, but I'm not sure anyone needs a big bag of these. This small bag will get eaten eventually, but if it was mixed with three or four other American Breakfast treats (heck there is already a hint of coffee here) then it'd be quite interesting. As it is, other than making my office smell like maple syrup, it's not really successful.

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