19 January 2017

Macha Green Tea Collon (by @NLi10)

Is there anything that Glico don't make these days? The kings of Pocky keep finding new things to add goo to the outside or inside of and repackaging them so I have to review them.

Today's case in point is the amusingly named Matcha Green Tea Collin (it is a bit like colon - ha!) and I guess it's probably intended to be column. This is basically a wafer tube with the goo on the inside but much bigger and cut into sections.

You get a decent sized bag of them so it's not disappointing when you find out that travel hasn't been kind to them and the wafers are a bit bashed about. Broken biscuits taste the same though so what are these like?

While fairly unnexciting to look at they do pack a surprising punch. Snacking on these during the work day is sure to get you fired up in a 'let's run home!' kind of way. The wafer makes the green tea taste sweet and means it's not too oppressive for regular tastes - but there is a decent Macha buzz to be found here and the lovely heavy aftertaste that I crave.

While I'm not sure it's safe to give these to children or people without willpower as eating a whole box could be a bit too much macha in one go, I'm more than happy to split these over a few days and stay motivated for longer with the recreationally sensational taste and tingle of tea.

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