5 January 2017

Snowy Lodge - Belgian Chocolate and Gold (by @NLi10) from @Lidluk

I don't like Christmas Pudding. This is because I'm not a fan of raisins, sultanas and generally dried fruit.  This means I tend to buy, eat and review alternate Christmas puddings.  I found one such offering in Lidl.

It's full title is Snowy Lodge - Belgian Chocolate Sponge with a Shimmering Clementine Centre. 

Let's blame TV for all the adjectives and call it choc pud.

The choc pud also comes with a large packet of gold glitter, as if the house didn't already sparkle enough now your intestines can too!


You can steam the pudding, but frankly 2 mins in the microwave for the whole thing works too and you get this.


This looks brown, and very curvy, and smells amazing, but let's take them at their word and decorate.


Boom. A great centrepiece for any table, a sprig of gold holly would have set this off perfectly.

Inside the golden goo is similarly sparkly and runs fantastically when hot, but soon sets on contact with the ice-cream that we chose to mix it with. It's much lighter than it looks, but still the 4 portions on the box is very accurate - you won't manage this one solo. We had just under a third each and there are portions to be had after dinner tonight,

The taste is that of a lovely steamed (ish) chocolate pudding.  It's just sweet enough with the help of the clementine goo and ice-cream to be indulgent without being too sickly. It certainly passes the dinner party test, and it tasted amazing and certainly filled us up. I'd be very happy if Lidl have more of these left to pick up!

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