8 January 2017

Little Chocolate Balls (Lindt & Hotel Choc) [by @NLi10]

Over Christmas we got or bought a selection of little chocolate balls with truffle centres.

The first of these is Lindt's Master Chocolatier Collection which is a lovely little gift box.

This contains 2 dark, 2 white and 4 milk chocolate balls covered in appropriate dust.

Panda cat bed not included.  

This is a really nice way of presenting the Lindor balls without their wrappers and with a bit of dust on the outside.  Nothing too fancy in concept but as always yummy and melty and perfect for cinema nights at home!

I purchased the Hotel Chocolat version of the Lime Barrel to gift at Christmas to my boss, and luckily got to try one.  While the same in spirit these have a soft centre instead of a liquid one.

They look a little less gifty than the box above, but the quality is no less than the Lindt.  

These have the lovely strong chocolate with a sizeable lime hit in the smooth textured centre.  I may have to sneak a second one of these as there seems to still be a few left!

These are still not quite as good as the Monty Bojangles boxes though, and as I haven't had any of those since last winter (well not in any sizeable quantity) I think once we've broken the back of all the chocolates in the office and house I may treat myself to a box.

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