7 January 2017

Black Knight (Cosford Food Fair) By @SpectreUK

Mid last year we had a good wander around the Cosford Food Fair at the Cosford Air Museum. It was pretty busy with lots of tents to pick up snacks and drinks. I came across a stall selling Ludlow Brewing Company beers, which is a family run brewery and was established in 2006. Not only did The Boiling Well beer that I reviewed a while ago jump into my hands, but this 4.5% stout just happened to pounce on me also. I figured then that a cold winter's evening would be perfect to enjoy it on…

Well, here we are; a cold damp winter's evening and I have the very same bottle of Black Knight stout right next to me. Looking at the label I was promised a roasted, nutty smell and a liquorice, sweet and smoky flavour. I also noted that the hops had been locally sourced from Little Lambswick farm nearby in Tenbury Wells. I could tell there was smokiness in the smell, as well as the promised nuttiness and roasted aromas. The almost jet black stout filled my waiting beer glass with no small amount of menace, reminding me of the name of this stout and where it came from.

Memories of visiting Ludlow Castle sprang to mind and thoughts of how knights of old must have pranced around on horses when the place wasn't a ruin, knocking each other off their mounts during jousting contests. It must have taken quite a brave good knight to face down the Black Knight. I was immediately glad that all I had to do was drink it! The promised liquorice was there in the initial flavour quickly merging with the roasted malts and smokiness, with hints of dark chocolate and nutty connotations. I found this a warming gloriously strong and tasty stout to be enjoyed on its own without the spoils of food, asides perhaps a black coffee and some dark chocolate for afters.

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