14 January 2017

Big Wave Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I'd like to take this opportunity to give every reader a big wave (pun intended) and a happy new year! I know we're a little way into January now, but it doesn't hurt to appreciate everyone who takes a few moments a day to read our blogs. So, thank you! Having said that, it's freezing cold here in the UK, with driving icy winds and icy rain. I appreciate it's not nearly as cold and life hard fought as many places in the world, but it doesn't mean I can't pick up an American golden ale from Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii, and wish I was there on a sandy beach watching hula championships, beach volley ball and the big waves hit the beach. I'm sure I'd probably have a go on a surfboard too, but I wasn't able to stand up on one last time I had a go when I was a lad.

Served in a 355ml bottle this 4.4% volume golden ale practically begged me to hop on a plane before opening. Big Wave has a very herby hoppy smell to it that tickled my nose hairs. On pouring the shining golden sheen to the beer made me dream of hot summer afternoons and forget the cold outside. This is a refreshing beer. I know I've had plenty of beers in my time that were refreshing, but the label on the bottle screams "refreshing", the hoppy bitter smell taps you on the nose and says "Aloha, refreshing", and the flavour washes over the tastebuds like a big glorious wave of refreshingness transporting me away to some far off sunny beach. The hops keep on giving masses of flavour almost from the initial malty slightly sweet flavour as your tongue awaits the hoppy wave like a surfboard awaiting the foam. Gosh what a splash of herbal hoppy flavour, there is still underlying sweetness here from the caramel and pale malts as each work together to lift your feet up onto your tongueboard as you ride the refreshing crest of hops right into the aftertaste. Mmm… refreshing! Now, where's the barbeque?

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