27 January 2017

New Pick Up Minis Choco and Milk (Bahlsen) By @Cinabar

These new biscuits from Bahlsen are in the format of a “mini” biscuit, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that they are small. They are individually wrapped, so handy for lunch boxes or on the go snacks. We previously wrote aboute regular chocolate Choco and Milk Pick Ups here.

So although Bahlsen has had Pick-Ups out before these new ones are smaller and come in a new variety Choco and Milk. The biscuit is a double layer filled with both a chocolate and milk based filling. You can’t actually see the milk section unless you break the biscuit, as it is totally surrounded by the milk chocolate. There is plenty of chocolate in between.

The biscuits had a good crunch and the filling was surprisingly dominant. The biscuit flavour was buttery and creamy, but this was enhanced by the milk section of the filling. It tasted a little like mixing both white and milk chocolate, which is actually a rather lovely combination. Cocoa goodness, with a soft creamy edge.
I enjoyed a couple of these with a nice coffee, they seemed the perfect afternoon treat, and a nice pick up(!) in this cold weather.
Did I mention that the biscuits are small, as I’m not great at portion control I think I’ll find myself packing two into my lunch box. One is nice, but two is better. ;-)

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