28 January 2017

Montana Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Although I've never been to America myself, I've heard that Montana is very famous for it's natural beauty. It also says so on the bottle label and the photos on Google are outstanding. Anyway, this American style ale was named after the state and has rye crystals added in the brewing to give it its distinctive red colour. It has Galaxy Hops added to give it a passion fruit twang and Imperial malt to give the flavour of the ale more depth. Brewed by Griffon Brewery in South London and at 4.5% volume this beer has a fruity hoppy smell to it on opening. Pouring it into my waiting beer glass I could well understand why they sell this beer on its red hue. It would be difficult to say it leans towards amber or brown, as it really is quite red in colour. The fruity Galaxy Hops knocked me for six on first taste. There is an initial heavy bitter passion fruit flavour to this beer, and it's glorious. The Imperial malt smoothed out the flavour soon afterwards into rich malted goodness. Mmm… this beer transports me to breathing in fresh clean country air on the top of one of the big rugged mountains overlooking a beautiful forest and lake. Ah, Montana, will have to go there someday. I suspect they'll have their own beer, but I wouldn't mind taking one or two of these just in case…

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