18 January 2017

Sanpellecrino Aranciata Rossa [Blood Orange] (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

This Sanpellecrino Aranciata Rossa or fizzy Blood Orange drink sounded like a refreshing treat, and with Cinabar’s Mom constantly cranking up the boiler and blasting me with the heating I certainly need it! It’s made with part orange juice and blood orange juice. And at 135 calories per 330ml can, it’s pretty good for you and should give you a boost during the day, especially with its vitamin C qualities to help fight off these wretched colds I keep getting. On opening the can there was a pleasant fizz from the sparkling juice drink inside. The pinkish liquid tasted slightly of blood orange with normal orange juice as the dominant flavour. So you could say that this tangy drink was sparkling orange juice with an added blood orange twang! Whoosh goes the overheated Spectre trying to chill out from the overheated house.

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