29 January 2017

Meiji Green Tea Biscuits (well Oreos) by @NLi10

Happy Chinese New Year! What better way to celebrate than to eat a Japanese imitation of an American classic. 

Unlike most Oreo snacks this isn't official, and even doesn't really play to the strengths of Meiji - wafers and cream.  That said, the creme in here is pretty darn good, if not as sweet as that associated with their rolls.

Look at that fun texture! The biscuit was fresh and crunchy, but not quite Oreo quality, and the green tea wasn't all that strong but had a nice flavour and felt at least authentic.  You don't get many to a box, but they were not too pricey. Not something I'd chase , but an enjoyable snack and a nice way to blend cultures inappropriately. 

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