22 January 2017

Wahaca soft taco kit - tomato & smoky chipotle (by @NLi10)

We reviewed a Wahaca meal kit last year, and so we thought we'd take another step up the schoville scale and try the medium heat kit.

This is a smoky chipotle kit, which instantly makes it different to the lush green salsa of the mild kit, and closer to the Old El Passo meal kits. Well, except for the lush yellow corn tortillas!

This time I came prepared. We have TWO little lettuces and tomato as the kit suggests. Did I forget the sour cream? Maybe. Didn't really matter too much, we can use a dash of mayo.

Same as before - marinade with one pack and then cook in the sauce.

Separate the meat (quorn) and fry up the yellow disks as recommended by a comment on the last review (see we do read them!)

And then do your best to artistically make little wraps!

Or kind of just pile it all up like I did.

And so how does it compare? As before there are a lot of flavours going on here to be played with. Yes it's a little more firey (and a lot more smokey) but there are flavours that shine through too. The s salad helped to tune out the heat, but it was never oppressive.  I think I maybe preferred the novelty of the sweet green salsa in the mild version. I will have this again though - but first we have to rave the hot variety...

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