13 January 2017

Not Dogs (Birmingham) By @Cinabar #sausageselfie #meatywithoutthemeat

I watched Dragons Den last weekend, and watched as two ladies delivered a pitch all about a new meat free Hot Dog called the Not Dogs. They had sold them on the road and at festivals etc and they had been so successful that they were setting up a new restaurant in Birmingham Bull Ring, which is when my ears perked up. I was due to be having lunch in Birmingham this week and this helped me decided on where we should eat.
I’m not actually vegetarian, but people are also eating less meat for health reasons. It is January, so I have friends that are trying to go vegan for the month, as well as cutting back on bad for you foods. Not Dogs hot dogs (!) have vegan options too.

So Not Dogs are all about their exclusive vegetarian sausage, and they dress this up on the menu with wonderful sounding toppings. I liked the sound of the selection, and all of the creations, and eventually decided on a Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog. I went to order at the till and the customer services was superb, friendly and nice, they lady that served me told me all about the food and the restaurant, and had total enthusiasm for the product. I had with my Not Dog hot dog, a latte (and was asked if I wanted regular or soya milk) and a side order of Waffle Fries.
We sat down and our food was brought over to us, my hot dog looked a little pale, and that was pretty much the only clue to it being meat free. It was generously topped with guacamole, nacho bits and some chillis (which weren’t too hot). The guacamole and hot dog went surprisingly well together and the flavours complemented each other well. It was a fun lunch, although I went for plastic cutlery as the amount of topping on the Not Dog scared the new jumper I was wearing. The Not Dog tasted meaty, and was satisfying to eat, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The fries were a nice addition, we had one portion to share between two. They were tasty, and nice and turned it into more of a meal.

I had a sneaky taste of the burger too, and that was outstanding. The burger was very close (except perhaps very slightly softer) to tasting like a juicy beef burger, and the Not Dog relish was delicious.
My only criticism of the place is that they seemed to have gone a little too minimalistic in style within the restaurant. Yes it is a fast food restaurant, but it still needed a few more tables and chairs. A little more theming would make it more of a place to go in an evening too, rather just somewhere nice to grab a quick lunch.
If you are just grabbing a quick lunch, and they do take out too, and you won’t be disappointed.

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