26 January 2017

Perry Court Farm: Air Dried Apple Crisps (by @NLi10)

As usual, a trip to Holland & Barrett results in me finding some tasty snacks to try. In an effort to not just keep reviewing crisps I picked up these air dried apple crisps from Perry Court Farm which look a little healthier than fried potato.

While there are two different flavours this is seemingly just down to the colour of Apple used - the ingredients are literally just apple.  And the bag inside looks like this.

The tangy flavour is green apples, sharp and exciting, the sweetflavour is red apples, warm and inviting. both taste authentically of apples.  They are also surprisingly juicy and crispy too. In a pinch id prefer the green bag, but both are very edible and when offered to people who like apples the bag goes down very quickly.

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