16 January 2017

Forest Feast - Belgian Dark Chocolate Banana [By @Cinabar]

Trying the January healthy fruit theme I thought I’d give this Forest Feast Belgian Dark Chocolate Banana pieces a try. Now I know it mentions chocolate, but I still thought it sounded a little bit healthier… ok the Belgian Chocolate part swayed me in.
I decided to open up the bag and tuck in one afternoon at work. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I assumed a slice of freeze dried banana and a coating of milk chocolate.

The chunks were bigger than I thought they would be, these are big pieces of banana, in chocolate and they are cocoa dusted. Now I have to admit they are not attractive to look at, in fact they are a bit ugly, but put this aside because all is forgiven on the flavour.
Thankfully the banana wasn’t hard of freeze dried, and was actually firm but still soft. This is useful as the size of some of the pieces means that you have to eat them in more than one bite. I wasn’t expecting the cocoa dusting, it looked pretty but I was at work and could feel the cocoa sprinkling on my paperwork… oops.
All in all these were delicious though. The chocolate is the most dominant flavour and they had just a mild flavour of the fruit. They tasted like a banana flavoured fudge wrapped in cocoa goodness. These felt so much more naughty than the fruity treat I’d planned. There was still banana in there, and I’m standing by that!


paulham said...

Where did you buy that!?
Ann Summers? ;D

cinabar said...

Funnily enough it was actually the shop next door to Ann Summers - Holland and Barrett! :-D