31 January 2017

Oreo Doughnut (Asda) By @Cinabar

I don’t get to go to Asda that often, it is a little further away from home than the other supermarkets, but every so often I make the effort with items for Foodstuff Finds in mind. I managed to pick up quite a few things on my last visit I hadn’t seen before and as I was walking passed the bakery section, this was the final item to make its way into my trolley. How could I resist an Oreo Doughnut, where biscuit meets spongey goodness.
As it happened I hadn’t realised that in the wrapped paper bag there were actually two Oreo Doughnuts, so I had accidentally purchased twice the amount that I needed… these thing happen! The doughnut is dark in colour, and is covered in a white icing, decorated with Oreo biscuit bits. These are a lot softer than the crunchy biscuit you get in the pack but do have the full flavour experience.

The doughnut is a fantastic chocolatey treat, the sponge is fluffy and moist, and the chocolate flavours are good and rich. The best part is the filling inside the ring doughnut of Oreo stuff, for me this was the bit part as made it most taste like an Oreo biscuit. It just worked like magic. As it turns out I was very pleased to have discovered that I have another doughnut for tomorrow, a treat I’m already looking forward to.

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