20 January 2017

Maple Bacon Jam (The Sweet Beet @TheSweetBeetUK) By @Cinabar

We got sent this jar of Maple Bacon Jam before Christmas to try, and have been looking for a moment to give the taste test. It was from the lovely folks at The Sweet Beet. It is a mix of savoury and sweet, with maple syrup and bacon at its heart, like any proper American breakfast. It is still called a jam, but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to have it straight on toast.

We decided to have it on the side of some cheese, biscuits, gherkins etc, and thought we’d see how it would fit in. The product has a good bacon aroma, and smells really quite pleasant. I tried a little on its own and the flavour is superb, every meat lovers dream. There is a lovely rich hit of salty bacon, followed by the hint of maple syrup with its sweetness just toning down the bacon. The product may not be that much to look at but in flavour it's a little dream. I liked the texture too, not too bitty, and fairly smooth. We noticed how well it went with cheese, so we have also tried this on cheese sandwiches, which is where I think it works the best. The flavours just work so well together, cheese, bacon, a little bit of sweet and a little bit of savoury, pure heaven. Let’s face it, wouldn’t every sandwich benefit from a little more bacon.

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