2 February 2017

Afternoon Tea at Blackpool Tower Ballroom (by @NLi10)

What is there to do in Blackpool in early Feb? Well - as it turns out not much! The Pleasure beach is closed until the 11th, and two out of three piers are shut.

Around the North Pier and the famous tower however there are signs of life, lovely theme arcades and shops and more importantly the tower itself is open.

And the Ballroom itself in the tower is open for afternoon tea - and dancing.

We were given a lovely table front and centre and a three tier assortment of food, with a huge pot of tea and real sugar cubes.    

The bottom tier was finger sandwiches 4 veggie and 4 meaty, with my favourite being the beef and mustard.  These were very nicely done and all had distinct flavours and chunky ingredients.


The middle tier was two large fruit scones. They tore nicely and the provided clotted cream and stawberry jam were great too. I evicted a lot of the fruit for my partner to have to compensate for the stolen egg finger sandwiches.  

The top layer had two typically over-sweet meringues that we ate but we're the weakest thing on offer,, and two lovely glazed fruit tartlets which were of a high quality and included blueberries which is always a win.  

The lighting was very purple though - this is the only photo I took with a filter and it actually looks more normal!

This was ample food and we took almost all of our allotted 90 minutes to feast upon it, but most of the £50 for two was allocated to the access to the ballroom itself. And for me specifically the two organists (Wurlitzer and Roland). 

The room was filled with locals and tourists dancing in the hall seen on Strictly to standard dances, some very serious and precise, some very clearly amateurs enjoying themselves immensely. 

As a meal it was good, but as an experience it was amazing. You get to walk around the ballroom freely and if you are so inclined join in with the dancing too. 

The Blackpool Tower complex has a few more modern things like the Dungeon and Harry Ramsden's Chip Shop but for me the spirit of Blackpool is best 

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