12 February 2017

Vital - soft belgian almond nougat with chocolate from Oxfam (by @NLi10)

My Mom really liked Nougat when we were growing up.  It was a massive treat to get a lovely fresh bar of the pink and white stuff - especially if it was so fresh it was still squishy.  I still get nostalgic to this day when I eat some.

I spotted this in Oxfam, Lancaster while on holiday (a UK chain of Charity shops that I occasionally work in) - and although it's a little more than I'd expect to pay for an 80g bar it's for charity so I can't really be too upset when it feeds someone else as well as my sugar cravings.

And look at all those almonds! It' really does look luxury compared to the scraps of nut I'd see as a child.  I suspect that's because most people are fans of the sugar and not the almonds.  I can eat bags of nuts quite happily and so this was destined to be something I'd be drawn to.

As you can see I went for the chocolate variety just to see what that was like.  I always preferred the pink over the white (like with marshmallows) but I felt just having a block of white may not be exciting enough.

Cutting it required the mightiest of all the blades in the knife block but the persistence means that now there are bite size chunks.  You can see the paper on the base now which I'd always called rice paper, but is actually potato starch!

The texture was initially a bit hard, but as it acclimatised to the room and melted a little in my fingers it was more chewable.  The nuts were totally the main flavour, but the chocolate tasted authentic and not artificial as I'd feared.  I didn't need more than a few chunks so 80g was enough to share as a snack with a cup of tea.  

I'm not this is as suitable to pick up and bite off as i'd hoped while walking around the shops, but as something to take away and eat at home it's a nice little treat and something else (along with the Gnaw bars) that I'll be popping in to foreign Oxfam's to buy as our local one doesn't stock it.

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