17 February 2017

New Nestle Breakaway - Berries & Yogurt (Asda) By @Cinabar

I was looking for a nice afternoon treat for my lunchbox and spotted these new Berries and Yoghurt edition Breakaway bars. They come in a multipack but are individually wrapped. I don't buy a lot of Breakaway bars, but the new flavour sounded rather tasty.
Inside the wrapper there is a Breakaway bar that looks like it is covered in a pale coating even too white for white chocolate. The smell is prominent and it smells very fruity.

The taste too is very strong of the berries, and the bar has a mixed berry jam like taste. I could pick up on raspberries and strawberry, all sweet, juicy and pleasant. The yoghurt flavour in the coating was creamy with just the slightest hint of sour, which distinguished itself as a proper yoghurt flavour. The biscuit inside the Breakaway bar is generous, and give these bars a solid substantial feel. The firm texture is pleasing and nice to munch on. The flavour from the biscuit itself was quite mild, overpowered by the fresh berry taste. I still rather liked them, and am looking forward to eating them as a treat at work, after my lunch. They are only 101 calories per bar, so not too much to feel guilty about either.

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