5 February 2017

Harry Ramsden's Chip Shop - Blackpool Tower (@NLi10)

Blackpool in February is a little bleak. The rollercoaster are not yet rolling, and even the Stag nights and Hen parties are not yet out in force.

Late one evening we expected to be able to grab a quick takeaway of chips from the famous Harry Ramsden chain, now underneath the Blackpool tower.

It was very closed, and so we carried on round the corner into the restaurant itself, literally underneath the ballroom that we had tea in the day before.

We ordered our food after reassurances from the staff that they were definitely still serving.


We were the only customers there when our food arrived!  As it was late we just had the classic double fried chips and beans (or peas in my partners case).  They came with all the expected sauces and were cloaked in newspaper style wrapping.


Oh and you can just see the onion rings hiding at the back. These were actually quite delicate and nice and well worth adding to dip in the beans. The chips were freshly fried and crispy and fluffy exactly how chips should be. Even though the staff would clearly get to go home as soon as we left we were not rushed, and the staff even had to unlock the door to let us out! While Harry Ramsdens is probably not most people's first choice of Blackpool location for an after hours lock-in I think that the newly refurbished restaurant is perfect for a get together with friends. Or in our case for the traditional chips by the seaside on the final day of the holiday.

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Anonymous said...

The shot of the roller coaster and empty seafront is rather lovely - the last time I was there it was entirely packed with people waiting to see the illuminations. It's far nicer the way you saw it! And ohmygod those chips look good! The presentation's nice in a bit of fake newspaper :D