13 February 2017

New Rolo “Crack It” Dessert (Asda) By @Cinabar

These were spotted on my recent Asda haul, and aren't something I’ve seen in my usual supermarket. I’ve had a few chocolate “bar” themed desserts before but the addition of the ‘Crack It’ layer of chocolate sounded fun. Basically it is sealed with chocolate and you have to break this to get to the rest of the dessert.
There are two desserts in the pack, and I opened up the first one and found that the caramel had already started to leak up and over the chocolate layer. I was a bit disappointed and when the second one was opened it was exactly the same. I’m not sure how common this is but ours were looked after fairly well on their journey from the supermarket to the fridge at home.
There was still enough chocolate to crack into, and I found it was quite firm so should’t really have broken before hand. In fact some of it was very difficult to eat from the edges of the pot, it was stuck solid. The flavour of the chocolate wasn’t the best. It was okay, it had some cocoa taste but wasn’t rich and luxurious. Underneath the caramel layer was fantastic. It was more liquid than solid, and the flavour was gorgeous. It had the wonderful golden flavours of sugary goodness and cream. The fantastic caramel taste worked like a dream.
I’d buy these again for the caramel layer, but I think the chocolate seal didn’t quite work, despite being a nice idea.

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Unknown said...

Tried mine today for the first time. I completely agree I love the idea but I'm not sure about the chocolate layer at the top. I also found that mine got stuck to the edges of the pot. Underneath though was really nice with the nice caramel.