3 February 2017

New Oreo Thins (Asda) By @Cinabar

Following on from the rather delicious Oreo doughnuts I picked up from Asda, I also found another new Oreo product, Oreo Thins. The concept was a bit beyond me, they are Oreo biscuits but thinner. Why? Well I couldn’t think of a single reason why you’d want to shrink an Oreo, and several good reasons why the idea of a giant Oreo sounded far better. Still they went into the basket because they are new.
The Oreos are in two separately sealed packs inside the box. I opened up one half and had a look at the new thin Oreos, and indeed they were very thin, the Oreo “stuff” filling is still present, but it is thinly spread and difficult to see.

So I tried my first one, and well started to realise what a clever idea this really was. The next Oreo I ate whole and the texture was overwhelmingly satisfying. I just loved the way the Oreo went from being brittle to cracking and softening, they were really enjoyable to eat. Amazingly the Oreo flavours are fully maintained, this must because the ratios of biscuit to filling still work. They are very prominently Oreo flavoured, there is a good strong taste of the dark chocolate biscuit, and a lovely lightness from the creamy vanilla filling. I have to admit I was totally taken by these and converted.
I’m still up for giant Oreos though, just incase anyone from their product development team is reading this..?

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