10 February 2017

New Oreo Corner Yoghurt (Asda) By @cinabar

I know I’ve been buying quite a few Oreo products recently, but I spotted them all on my recent trip to Asda, a supermarket I don’t get to as often as I would like. So yes I stocked up with lots of goodies, and a trolley overflowing with all sorts of items for Foodstuff Finds.
These yoghurts are corner yoghurts and have a vanilla yoghurt one side and an Oreo biscuit crumble the other. There are four yoghurts in the packet.
When I opened them I had been expecting to find Oreo bits in the biscuit side complete with the ‘stuff’ filling, but it was just the dark biscuit that was in there and it was broken up into a crumble. This makes sense too as the vanilla yoghurt makes up for the missing vanilla ‘stuff’ filling.
The biscuit crumble was a generous portion, and I tipped it into the yoghurt and gave it a stir. The biscuit maintained its crisp and crunchy texture even when coated with the cool smooth yoghurt. The two flavours worked really well together, and I liked the mix of textures. The yoghurt had a very distinctive Oreo flavour, and it was very enjoyable to eat. The yoghurt was good and thick and the coated pieces were a delight. Who knew biscuits and yoghurt would work so well together? It is just a shame I only picked up one multi-pack, because I’m already wishing I’d bought more!

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