9 February 2017

Snickers Protein (@NLi10)

I was visiting friends the other day and one pointed these bars out in his local paper shop. I'd not seen them out and about (initially these were Amazon exclusive) so picked it and the Mars version up to review.  After finding the bill for both was £3.90 I regretted it somewhat - surely it's a pound for something like this!

Inside it looks a bit like a Snickers that someone forgot to put all the ingredients in.

When you bite into it it's got the odd peanut, but frankly nothing close to what I'm after! It's basically a Milky Way that they didn't whip as much, with a few peanuts inside. It smells like a Snickers which now has me questioning whether that is just artificially added here, or on the normal bars too. Interesting.

You get 18g of protein for your money, which is all from milk derivatives just as whey. A bag of mixed nuts requires you to eat 100g to get 18g of protein, but provides you with 500 Kcal compared to the 200 Kcal in the 50g bar here. I'm guessing the nuts are more nutritious generally too. I think it depends on your goals. If you want to get as much protein per calorie as possible and you want that protein to mysteriously smell like a Snickers then this is the choice. If you want to pay less, get more nutrients per calorie (I'm guessing) and don't mind that it just tastes of nuts then I think the bag of nuts option would be better.

It's not terrible, it's just a bit of bad science space food.

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