7 February 2017

Screamin’ Dill Pickle Pringles (Asda) By @cinabar

In the import section in Asda I found these rather interesting sounding Dill Pickle flavour Pringles. They looked like they should have been a taste sensation, and even promised an “extra-ordinary” flavour across the top of the tub. I really like gherkins in dill and vinegar as a side with a cheese and crackers, I find the dill flavour adds a lovely herby flavour and enhances the pickle.
I opened up the tub and gave them the taste test. I think these meet the criteria of being the first pack of Pringles that once I popped I really could stop. The flavour didn’t “scream” at all, it almost had a hint of cardboard like taste. There was the mild flavour of vinegar and a herby dill hint, but the taste was very muted and they were quite dull. The herb taste didn’t work for me at all, and I usually like dill. I couldn’t get past the idea that the flavour was like a poor cousin to a zingy salt and vinegar. The background flavour was weird, and to me it didn’t taste like the pickles I love so much. Spectre ended up eating them up with a dip, but I quit even after trying that. Normally Pringles are so addictive, so I’m not sure what happened with these.
This was the only variety of imported Pringles in my local branch of Asda, it is just that if I was only going to stock one import flavour of Pringles in a supermarket, these would not be them.


Anonymous said...

You should start a campaign for Asda to get the Ketchup Pringles in stock. Found them here in Germany and they're addictive! Like, crazy addictive - And I don't usually like Pringles at all. :D

paulham said...

Listen, they're as close as "Kellogg's" get to pickled onion, so they'll "have to do".
God knows I've asked them for pickled onion often enough. Apparently there aren't enough variations on cheese...
I know what you mean though, the dill kinds spoils it for me.

Incidentally, it's "past the idea.." ;)