20 February 2017

Walkers Stax Paprika Crisps (Asda) By @Cinabar

This is the first time I've seem Walkers put their crisps in a tube, it certainly works well for some other brands. It means that the crisps have to be uniform in shape so that they can fit inside. These crisps are not proper slices of potato like regular Walkers, these crisps are re-formed and stacked. Hence the name, Walkers Stax. The tube itself was slightly annoying to open. There was a label on the side that suggested you had to squeeze the top of the tube to ease the top off. This is the kind of packaging that reminds me I’m not dextrous. I squeezed, and nothing happened, the top stayed exactly where it was. I realised that around the edges there were tiny bits of cardboard pips holding it on, I ran my fingernail along these to help break the seal and ended up bending my nail back - ouch. It worked though, the next I squeezed the lid popped off, literally popped, as it broke the seal underneath of the pull tab too. Oh well, at least they were open. I can cope with crisp bags far more easily.

Anyway the stack of Walkers Stax, looked nice and I poured some out onto my plate. The texture was crunchy and nice and the flavour was pretty decent. The paprika was there, and added a warmth, but there was no heat in the spice. I could pick up on a nice smokiness to the crisps, and hint of salt that made them very tasty. The seasoning was well balanced, in a generous quantity and worked well.
As much as I enjoyed these crisps, the tube packaging put me off. Other brands of potato snacks sold in a tube seem to do it better. I prefer a plastic pull off lid, although I’m guessing the all card edition is more commonly recycled.


Anonymous said...

The lid sounds fiddly! Though I'm guessing with their obvious nod (copy?) of Pringles they felt the need to do something different. How would you compare the chip itself to their obvious competition? :)

Anonymous said...

Annoying to open.

The Paprika was under flavoured. The Sour Cream and Onion was over flavoured. Not impressed. Very disappointing. Won't be buying them again. Not a patch on Pringles. Poor copycat effort.

Anonymous said...

Why add unnecessary Pork though? Stupidity on Walkers part, you would never know (being labelled Paprika it’s not really essential) and they cut out a large percentage of the vegetarian market. (And pissed one off who admittedly should have read the small print). Won’t be buying again.