25 February 2017

Alederflower Organic Pale Ale (Gloucester M5 Service Station) By @SpectreUK

Stroud Brewery in the Cotswolds produced this Alederflower Organic Pale Ale. It was made with organic barley malt, organic wheat malt, organic Cascade hops and Nelson Sauvin hops, and infused with organic elderflowers during the brewing. Flowery pale ale doesn't always enthuse me, but I'm sure I've tried elderflower beer in past and enjoyed it. On opening the 330ml can there was a very subtle flowery smell to this pale ale, which was overshadowed by the pale malt and the light refreshing hops. This instantly felt like a spring or summer type of drink, rather than a damp windy winter, which we seem to be suffering presently. The label on this 4.9% volume beer mentioned that this was unfiltered, so it was unsurprising that it gave off a murky golden glow upon pouring. On taste there was an initial bitter blast from the mixture of hops, quickly followed by a flowery flavour from the elderflower infusion. The sweetness from the pale malt and likely crystal malt comes soon after whisking the tastebuds off into the aftertaste. Despite it's claim on the label of subtle undertones of elderflower, and its even subtler aroma, this is quite a strong bitter beer, with a kick and a punch of hops to start with, then a little taste of the flowers of summer followed by sweetness from the barley malt. I'd certainly have this again and you should not be put off by the elderflower infusion at all.

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