28 February 2017

Trebor Mighties Mint Flavour (Newsagent) By @cinabar

At the weekend I popped into our local newsagent and bought a lottery ticket (which didn’t win) and asked for a packet of Tic Tacs. The man behind the counter grabbed these off a Tic Tac stand, and I paid and dropped them into my pocket. It was only when I got home I had a proper look at them and realised they weren’t Tic Tacs at all, they are Trebor Mighties Mints.
The sweets in the packet are sugar free, so they are kinder on the teeth. I’m sure they have less calories too, but it you are worrying over the calories in a tiny mint you might be over doing it. I tried one and I couldn’t quite gel completely with the flavour. They are mint, but I didn’t think it was a clean mint flavour, I thought it tasted a bit like mouthwash, and not a pure peppermint.
I liked the strength of the mint though, it was good and strong, and I could feel the coolness in my nose! That’s pretty impressive for such a small mint. They certainly made my mouth feel fresh too, so they did their job. I just don’t think they’d be my first choice of mints, but they are nice enough. Given the choice, I’d rather have a packet of Trebor Extra Strong Mints, there flavour has the edge, and a good kick of strength.

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