19 February 2017

Fish & Chips at the Football (by @NLi10)

This was supposed to be a review of the wonderful fish and chips at Bromsgrove Sporting's FA vase clash with Buckland Athletic. I was working a combination of stewarding, security and glass collector and didn't actually get to try them to check that the Balti Pie was still just as fantastic. So I had to settle for a bag of Burton's Fish N Chips (which we have reviewed before).

Seen here with all the barrels before the record crowd came in and drank it all.

Here is the ground with no people

And here is what it looks like with three thousand people- which is double the grounds previous record and almost ten times that of a Normal league game.

The increased security and stewarding presence enabled me to share my big bag with many new people and enjoy the savoury goodness in the unseasonably warm Feb evening. Not as satisfying as warm fish and chips and pie at the football then, but they did the job.

And Sporting won two nil!

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