27 February 2017

Raspberry & Prosecco Flavour Viennese Creams (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

These are not macho Viennese Whirls, but they feel very middle class biscuits. I find it difficult to think of another hight street store that would carry Raspberry and Prosecco Flavour Viennese Whirls, but for some reason they fit right in at Marks and Spencer.
The biscuits are very pretty, they are a lovely shade of pink, and are neatly shaped with a white filling. The biscuit section is raspberry flavoured and the filling is where the Prosecco flavour fits in.
The Viennese Whirl biscuits have a good texture, they are fairly soft, but still crumbly and they sort of melt in the mouth. The raspberry flavour is most dominant, and the flavour of the Prosecco, is mild. I actually tried some of the cream filling on its own to try and single it out, and it was still delicate, with an almost floral undertone.
The flavour combination worked very well, and although it started off by sounding like a bit of a novelty, I was totally taken in by them. They are fun, but they are designed to impress. Anyone you offer one to will be sure to ask where they are from, as I think they will be wanting their own box. The flavour combination is a complete win, even if you think pink biscuits might not be your thing.

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