11 February 2017

Big Cat Beer (@StroudBrewery) By @SpectreUK

This stout is named after the high proportion of big cat sightings in the Cotswold Valleys surrounding the Stroud Brewery that it originated from. Possibly these are big cats used as exotic pets and then let loose after eating their owners, or possibly overweight house cats that have a habit of eating at too many people's houses as well as their owners. Maris Otter barley malt and organic barley malt were used in the brewing of this 4.5% volume stout, as well as organic hops. There was a heavy barley malt aroma on opening the bottle with hoppy bitterness in the background. This almost black stout filled my waiting beer glass with no small amount of menace. I could well imagine cat's eyes and sharpened claws in the darkness whilst walking through the valleys at night. Deep heavy malts dominate the initial flavour of this stout. They wash silently around the palate like a panther stalking its prey. There is sweetness from the chocolate malt, and a slight taste of coffee. Then there's a punch of bitterness from the hops as the Big Cat pounces. The coffee and chocolate flavours wrestle back the calm of night smoothing out the flavour of the stout as the Big Cat finishes its prey. Yum. Beware the hungry moggy at night I say!

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