23 February 2017

Greggsnut Revisited - now nationwide? (By @NLi10)


Way back in 2013 our London correspondent found and reviewed the two flavours of fake cronut that Greggs had made and blighted with the name Greggsnut. Three and a half years later these have made it to Greggs Bromsgrove and I got to try one.

It's a curious arrangement - as those who lived through the initial hype will remember - as basically you make a doughnut out of croissant pastry and glaze it lots of times.  Puddings that take far too much effort to make are certainly in vogue and so this pecan and maple affair is going to get at least some attention.

The problem is that it still tastes like yesterday's croissant covered in icing with a bit of added flavour too.  That's not something worth the £1 asking price when that would get you a couple of fresh today egg custards! It's an experience I, glad that I've had, but not one that I think many English people will enjoy. That said I want to try the fruit flavoured one - and try heating it up bare eating to see if it revives like stale Krispy Kreme do.

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