24 February 2017

Pejoy Cheese Cake Flavour Biscuit Sticks By @Cinabar

We spotted these Pejoy biscuit sticks in York, from an independent import shop. They didn’t have many Pejoy products, just this and a chocolate version, but as I hadn’t seen the Cheese Cake edition before I had to pick them up.
Unlike Pocky the style of these is that the filling is on the inside of a biscuit tube. Pocky (or Mikado for its UK name) are biscuit sticks which are dipped in a flavoured coating. They always leave one end clear, so that you can pick them up without getting your fingers messy.
I gave one of these Pejoy Cheese Cake sticks a try and found them to be very pleasant, but not quite as exciting as I thought they may have been. The biscuit was firm and crunchy and the filling was creamy, with a good sweet vanilla taste. The filling was soft, but as there was so much biscuit around them the ratio meant the texture felt pretty monotone.
The conclusion is that these are very mildly flavoured biscuits. That makes them easy to snack on, and nice to introduce to people who are new to Pejoy. They just didn’t have the fun of finding a crazy import snack with an interesting flavour. Perhaps I’m being over picky, but these just felt more vanilla and plain that cheese cake.

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