14 February 2017

Chicken Jalfrezi Crisps - Seabrook (Asda) By @Cinabar

I spotted these in Asda and didn’t at first realise that they were made by Seabrook. The packaging is quite different to what I’d expect from the brand, and it seems they are part of a Food Heroes range where the flavours are inspired by people. This one is officially Akbar’s Chicken Jalfrezi, I don’t mind who inspired it, I just hoped they were good.

The new bag from Seabrook opens in quite an innovative way, where you unseal and open the middle. It is sticky too, so you can have a few and put them away until the next day. I liked this easy to share bag and I hope it catches on.

The crisps are in the lattice style, this makes them light to munch on, but that they pick up lots of seasoning in their nooks and crannies. The flavour tasted remarkably authentic. These are not just a generic curry flavour, they had wonderful full on spices, from the garam masala to the lovely hint of onion. The chilli kick was just right, it was very definitely present, but not overpowering off the other delicious flavours. I loved these crisps, they had a meatiness to them too, but the best part was the intricacies of the Jalfrezi flavour. It actually tasted like somebody had spent some serious time getting these just right.

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