18 February 2017

Red Rye IPA Ale (ALDI) By @SpectreUK

I seem to be stumbling (sometimes literally) over various rye ales lately. The Great British Brewing Company, in Twickenham, produced this Red Rye IPA. This 4.7% volume ale has an preliminary citrus hoppy smell on opening. As the name suggests it has the usual almost glowing red colour on pouring from the 330ml bottle. The label on the bottle mentions passion fruit, peaches, pine and citrus fruits. There was a definite fruity citrus smell from the beer, and I'd probably go as far as to say that could be passion fruit and peach from the hops mixed in the with malt barley and spicy rye aromas. I picked up on a definite initial citrus fruity bitter flavour from the hops, which then mixed well with the woody pine undertones; there was then sweetness from the malt barley which merged with the strong spiciness from the rye. This Red Rye IPA certainly gave a joyride of flavours from start to finish. This is a proper craft beer, well thought out and delivered to my palate. Yum! I'll certainly keep my eyes open for other rye beers, as well as pop back for another bottle or two of this one.

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