7 June 2019

Moser Roth - Columbian Dark Chocolate: Quinoa and Orange (Aldi) By @Cinabar

I spotted these portion sized Moser Roth Columbian Dark Chocolate with Quinoa and Orange bars by the till in Aldi. They put them there to be an impulse buy and it totally worked, despite the lengthy posh name. I think one of the the tests of being middle class is the ability to pronounce quinoa correctly, I’m woking on it. :-D
Anyway the back of the packet explains that this a sugar free dark chocolate bar, and the quinoa is in the form of “puffed quinoa”. There are three pieces of chocolate inside all neatly marked up with the Moser Roth brand, and on the back you can see all the crispy quinoa pieces.

I gave the chocolate a try and found that it had a thicker melt than expected and a softer snap when I broke the first piece off. The flavour of the dark chocolate was very enjoyable, it was flavoursome, smooth and rich. The orange was present but was far too mild for my taste buds. Orange should be a zingy in your face flavour, this was a pleasant background flavour. The puffed quinoa adds some texture but wasn’t quite as crispy as I would have liked. It also went a little soggy, and wasn’t as crispy as rice crispy bits. I found myself thinking the chocolate on its own was very good but the added ingredients just weren’t as exciting as they sounded. For those wondering I have to stop myself saying ‘quin-oa’, and remind myself of the secret code that mean those letters are actually pronounced ’keen-wah’. It is a bit like trying to work out how the letters of the name Siobhan make any sense to that pronunciation.

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Peter said...

Absolutely divine product in my view and very low in sugar which is a big plus for me.
The last couple of times I've visited Aldi, i.e. over the past fortnight, there has been no sign of this product and I am fearful therefore that it has been withdrawn ... please let it not be so!