3 September 2019

Blueberry Uni-Popcorn (Asda) By @Cinabar

Last week we discovered that the Co-Op (via some ice cream cones) thought that Mermaid as a flavouring equates to bubblegum. I can’t really work out the link, or what other flavour they could use. Today Asda is declaring unicorn’s are blueberry flavour. I get that these limited edition mythical creature items are right on trend, but it is bugging me that there isn’t much of an obvious flavour that goes with them. It is almost as if brands are using fairly regular flavours and then just packaging them up. Smarties decided that unicorns are milk chocolate, which was a lucky coincidence for them and cued the rather lazy tie in. I guess I probably wouldn’t have picked up this blueberry popcorn without the smart themed packaging either, so I have fallen for the trap too.

Inside the bag are six individual bags of Blueberry Uni-Popcorn, all at just 80 calories each. The design is quite pretty and the popcorn itself is a lovely purple colour too, which I did rather like. To be fair the popcorn was tasty, there was lots of fruitiness and these were heavily flavoured in sweetness. The popcorn pieces were crispy and tasty, I liked them. They have quite a high sugar content, but overall the calories aren’t too bad on the bag and it does make them something I would take to work. These are a success, the flavour is good, the packaging is fun and they make a lovely snack. I’m still not sure about unicorns, but this popcorn I can believe in.

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