21 September 2019

Sakura Beer (DiscoverBrew) By @SpectreUK

I may have misread the name of this beer. I thought it was named after a favourite singer of mine. Admittedly I'm not that fussed about her music, although always cheerful. However, I'll just say that her hips definitely don't lie! ;-)

The crazy looking woman on the front of this Sakura beer can, isn't Sakura, rather the Japanese ornamental cherry blossom tree behind her. Produced by Hopfully Brewing in Dublin, this 5.4% volume beer has been brewed with Sorachi Ace hops. Originating in Japan, I don't think I've ever tasted a beer with Sorachi Ace hops before, so I'm looking forward to this first experience.

On opening the can this Sakura beer was one of those cans that irritatingly explodes everywhere. I even got some on my laptop's monitor before I unceremoniously shoved the can opening in my mouth. As an ex-barman I pride myself on pouring beer well for a good head. Sakura had an impossible head which just wouldn't quit. It's been sat in my beer fridge for some time and unless Cinabar cheekily shook the can up before handing it me, I can't understand why it's so excitable.

This murky golden beer has an almost yeasty lager aroma to it behind the sweet barley malt. Sorachi Ace hops are supposed to have a buttery off flavour, and I could smell their presence. On taste, once it had calmed down, Sakura has a lovely and slightly obscure flavour. I don't think it would be an acquired taste, where some people like it and some people don't.

The initial sweet barley malt taste cover the usual expected beer flavours perfectly, and then that almost creamy slightly bitter buttery off flavour of the Sorachi Ace hops jumped excitedly all over my tastebuds making it difficult to put down. It makes me wonder why brewers don't use Sorachi Ace hops more regularly. This is a very moreish beer that I found unputdownable once poured. It made me want to reach for another excitable can!

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