1 September 2019

Both Kinds Of Mozart's Balls (Silver & Gold) - Salzburg (@NLi10)

Everywhere you go in Salzburg sells balls.  Mozart must have been pretty keen on these weird little treats because years after his final symphony everyone is still talking about and selling his balls.

I'd been instructed to buy some for work and family - so when I found a BILLA supermarket outside of town selling them cheaply I jumped on them!

4 euro 79 for 16 balls is a good price.  You can pay more for boxes that wont make it home in one piece but it's all about the value for money.  300g also isn't too heavy really.

There are artistic balls

Hearts and instruments

faded ones - and even a rival school that claims to be the originals!

Silver balls are more expensive at just over a Euro each.

I only bought one.

That's the hole where all the stuff is piped in.

Just chocolate shell, light brown filling and almost green filling.  Very nice though, quite refreshing and a little compulsive.  They are basically a kind of complex marzipan.

Even the Mozart museum is getting in on the act - a giant shiny ball!

And as you leave they remind you to buy more!  And I thought that was it - Mozart's Birthplace (& Spar) complete I moved on to the hotel to get the bags and go for the train - and what did they give me as I left...


It did mean I got to eat the other version (scarily now owned by Mondelez who bought up our own local chocolate Cadbury's) actually in Salzburg too which was cool.

This has more layers, but I suspect isn't piped inside the shell and feels more constructed up.  I'm fine with this as it's all quite nice, but the silver one feels more luxurious.  Both taste great though.

And I ended up getting an air-conditioned carriage on the train to myself too!

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